What is Wp Site Guardian - The Secret Guide To Wp Site Guardian Software


WP Site Guardian is the 1st pro-active anti-exploit plugin that checks & obstructs cyberpunks based on practices. When any type of dubious activity is identified the IP is promptly blocked & the cyberpunk is banned. This stops the manipulate from executing & also closes down all more hacking attempts. By eliminating both manipulate & the poor user you greatly minimize the threat of site getting hacked. This is the only plugin on the marketplace that offers active defense versus present & future ventures as it considers visitor practices instead of the strike code.

Cyberpunks have 1000's of exploits at their disposal - these exploits don't even require any type of skill - simply COPY, PASTE, struck ENTER - HACKED!

When a hacker discovers what susceptability your site has it's a basic situation of Googling the "plugin name + make use of" - downloading the code & releasing it on your site.

Hackers are lazy naturally ... it's a common idea that hackers servant away attempting to burglarize sites - no way ... it's a case of discover a bad plugin in your code - download make use of & it's all over.

Now more info here unless you have tons of time on your hands to look through make use of websites or are a security programming brilliant that could locate a needle in a haystack, you'll never read this article ever recognize how exposed you really are.

- Blocks XSS attacks
- Blocks CSRF attacks
- Blocks SQLi attacks
- Blocks Directory Traversal attacks
- Notifies You of threatening attacks
- Configurable Ban For Persistant attackers
- Form & comment form protection



You can now get Wp Site Guardian Wordpress safety plugin with price cut rate now.

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